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    Condiment GIUSTI 50, GIUSTI 100

    The “Riserve” are the most exclusive of the Giusti collection. Each year the production is extremely limited, as the liquid is extracted from the most precious Giusti series of casks, in production since 1700. One of these barrels, coded as A3, was brought by Giuseppe Giusti to the Italian Fair of Florence in 1861, where a “product of 90 years” was awarded a gold medal, awarded again at the Expo in Paris in 1889.
    Each bottle is numbered and finished by hand, stored in its precious individual box with a small blown glass pipette. A unique product, decorated with labels of 24-karat gold and printed with the traditional letter-press technique.

    Condiment Giusti 50 100ML
    Condiment Giusti 100 100ML