Monolegni 3x50ml

Gift Sets Monolegni Oak, juniper, cherry

3 x 50ML


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Le essenze dei legni

Giusti “monolegni” are a tasting experience born from the recipes of the Giusti family. Through the “Decanter and Refill” system, the passage of the product through casks of different woods gives to the final result a very rich bouquet of scents and flavors. The choice of further maturating some selections of product in single casks of a specific wood gave a chance to concentrate in each of these condiments the characteristics of the different woods: the unmistakable notes of vanilla of oak wood, the distinctive strong and unique aromas of the juniper wood and the sweetly spicy notes of the cherry wood.

Ingredients: Cooked grape must, aged wine vinegar

Ageing: In series of casks of a single wood of oak, juniper, cherry.

Gift Sets

The Giusti Gift Sets are an optimal option for Balsamic Vinegar lovers to appreciate the wonderful varieties of flavors associated with this magic elixir. This journey travels through the flavors created from the different lengths of ageing in the 5 Balsamic Vinegars of the Giusti’s Historical Collection, to the different aromas and combinations of condiments aromatized or aged in single types of wooden casks

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  • Tris Balsamic with Fig, Truffle, Raspberry 3x100ml

    Tris Balsamic with Fig, Truffle, Raspberry


    Three balanced Balsamic Vinegars of Modena with pleasant hints of truffle, fig and raspberry.

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  • “Complete Collection” Case  – 5 Champagnottine 100ml

    “Complete Collection” Case

    5x100ml - Champagnottine

    A precious wooden box holding the entire Giusti’s Historical Collection in smaller scale bottles.

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  • Family Reserve Calamaio 50ml



    A sweet and precious condiment with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, symbol of an ancient tradition.

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  • Organic Sweet & Sour Condiment with Raspberry 250ml

    Organic Sweet & Sour Condiment with Raspberry


    Pleasantly fresh, sweet and fruity, made exclusively with 100% organic raw materials.

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