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A prestigious dowry

Regarded as a part of the family wealth, Balsamic Vinegar was bestowed to family members in wills, a prestigious dowry for young brides of aristocratic origins.

A precious rarity

Jealously kept in atticts and passed down from generation, Balsamic Vinegar was considered a sort of Panacea for its medical qualities.

A cure-all remedy for diseases and ills.

14 gold Medals

Between the eighteenth and nineteenth century the Giusti Balsamic Vinegar received many prestigious international awards: among which 14 are gold medals.

The highest recognition of any international exhibition or tradeshow

Blue blooded black gold

Giusti became famous all around Europe through international fairs and expositions.

Thanks to its qualities, the Giusti Balsamic Vinegar obtained some of the most prestigious excellency rewards.

Italy, France, Germany, England, Austria. Over the centuries, the ancestors of the Giusti familyhave introduced Europe to Balsamic Vinegar, through endless travels, beginning in horse-drawn carriagescarrying the precious casks of Balsamic Vinegar.

The barrels that travelled throughout Europe still produce Balsamic Vinegar in the family’s historic Acetaia.

Official and sole supplier of the Royal family

In 1929, Victor Emmanuel III conferred the King of Italy’s coat of arms to Giusti; the official and sole supplier of Balsamic Vinegar to the Royal family.