Adopting a series of casks means taking part in an ancient tradition that has always been connected to the city of Modena and its families, and living the experience of producing the real Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.



Giusti Private Reserve is a completely customised project that includes the adoption for exclusive use, until the established extraction date, of one of the historic series of casks used for the ageing of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and owned by the Giusti family. At the end of the period, the liquid extracted from the adopted barrels is bottled by hand in small ampoules of different sizes, finished by hand with cord, sealing wax and customised label. This is how Giusti Private Reserve was created: a prestigious box to keep in one's own home and to share with friends and relatives to trace the history of a product with great historical value and a unique centuries-old tradition.



Each Private Reserve is different from the others because each project is tailor-made for the client. This case is customised on the outside with an especially golden plaque and inside with the person's name handwritten on each label. The liquid extracted from the adopted casks is packaged in small bottles of different sizes, designed in according to the ancient Modena tradition and to meet the customer's needs: the two 500ml bottles for personal use and as a collector's item, the five 100ml bottles for the family, and the ten 40ml bottles as a special gift for friends. A real treasure to keep in one's own home and to share with loved ones.



Much more than a simple and precious product, Giusti Private Reserve represents a true experience that allows people to revive the history and true Modenese tradition linked to Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Considered a small treasure, a precious asset to be kept within the community, everyone contributed to its production: from the children who pressed the grapes to the women who made doilies to close the barrels. There were in fact many moments linked to Balsamic Vinegar in the family life: for every newborn child, a battery was inaugurated, which was then bequeathed to the children; it was the dowry that the woman brought to her future husband, a gift for a friend, a legacy to the next generations.



During the period of adoption, the customer will be able to participate in the most important and evocative moments of production to discover all the secrets and curiosities about this ancient and fascinating art: from the story of the grape harvest to the explanation of the peculiarities of the raw materials, from the type of barrels to the ageing phases and the method of Decanter and Refilling, from the traditional Modenese art of vinegar making to the meticulous control of the product on behalf of the master vinegar maker. The customer will be periodically updated through newsletters, video calls, visits - virtual or on-site - according to their Private Reserve project. In addition, it will be possible to check the status of the project in one's own reserved area.

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