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Giusti Museum

The museum shows through 10 thematic rooms the long and fascinating history of balsamic vinegar, strictly connected to the town of Modena and the Giusti family.

A journey through time and space, with the inestimable heritage of objects and documents preserved for generations: from the ancient jars used for preserving the balsamic vinegar, to the tools used by the masters-acetieri and the first bottles and leaflets from the 1900s.

Among the most precious mementos there are the barrels such as the “A3” barrel, presented in Florence in 1861 during the Italian Exhibition announced by the Italian royal family and winner of a gold medal for its 90 years old Balsamic Vinegar. The Giusti family has always participated at the Expo of late 800s bringing along its most important barrels and in 1929 the family also became the official supplier of Balsamic Vinegar of the Savoia royal family.

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