Gran Deposito Giusti
A family legacy

It is in the wood of ancient barrels in which vinegar ages where the secret of balsamic has always been hidden. Acetaia Giusti is the proud guardian of the largest collection of historical barrels: in the Giusti attics there are 600 barrels from the 1700s and 1800s which are still producing Balsamic Vinegar. The older the barrel, the better the product will be, as the essences from the wood and the balsamic aromas that have matured together over the centuries are united.

The precise complexity of the aging and the systems of aging, organized in series of barrels of different sizes and wood types, is one of the key elements that determine the quality of the final product, together with a careful choice of selected raw materials and the system used for their slow cooking.


The Giusti recipe

Following the centuries of an oral tradition, Giuseppe Giusti was among the first to write down the rules for obtaining a "perfect Balsamic Vinegar". His text, written down in 1863 on the occasion of the Modena Agricultural Fair, teaches us that the choice of grapes, the quality of the casks, and time are the fundamental ingredients. The quality of the raw materials, the long aging time required, and above all the availability of casks that have been aging Balsamic Vinegar for centuries already are the elements that still make Balsamic Vinegar Giusti so precious.

Ancient craftsmanship

The quality of the grapes, the systems of cooking, decanting and refilling, long and extended periods of aging: these are the elements that great vinegar makers must be able to manage in order to obtain an optimal Balsamic Vinegar. Master of an ancient art, the Acetiere is the one who is responsible to analyze the quality of the vinegar produced, taking into account salient parameters. The dark brown, full and bright color; the intense smell, which hides the scents of grapes and the hints of fine wood; the acidity slowly obtained; and finally, the complex aromas derived from the passage through the series of casks of different woods. It is always the master vinegar maker who oversees the evolution of balsamic vinegar whilst in the barrels, taking care of decanter and refill from one barrel to the next. A family art, maintained throughout generations, which seals the quality and taste of a product capable of defying time.