Since 1605
Italy’s oldest
Balsamic Vinegar producer

Since the seventeenth century, the Giusti family has been producing Balsamic Vinegar, passing down a recipe that creates a complex harmony of flavors and a product of excellence, appreciated all over the world.

Creating an exceptional balsamic vinegar depends on the competence, experience, attention to detail and the lengthy period of aging. Proud of a know-how which has been refined over its 400 years family history, Giusti combines both its respect for tradition with a sense of local corporate responsibility and a modern and sustainable production philosophy.

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Famiglia Giusti

Family heritage

More than four centuries have passed since the ancestors of the Giusti family initiated the first series of balsamic vinegar barrels in Modena. Today, after 17 generations, Claudio, Francesca and Luciano continue with dedication and enthusiasm to produce and distribute this extraordinary product, which has contributed to the great history of Modena and its people.

The secret of giusti balsamic vinegar
Botti Acetaia Giusti

Ancient woods conceal the secret of the unmistakable Giusti aroma

The secret of balsamic has always been hidden in the wood of the ancient casks where it ages. It takes decades, if not centuries, for wood and grape must to become the black gold of Modena. The Giusti family owns over 600 casks dating back to the 1700s and 1800s, from which the purest extractions are obtained, responsible for the unmistakable Giusti aroma.

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Museo Giusti Aceto Balsamico di Modena

A museum that collects 400 years of history

Through the collection of barrels, tools and memories initiated by the Giusti family at the beginning of the last century, a path unfolds through the collection of stories, uses, techniques, trades and rites about balsamic vinegar and Giusti. The exhibition organized among 10 rooms according to specific themes, reveals the long and fascinating history of balsamic vinegar, a history deeply linked to the city of Modena and the Giusti family.

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Giusti Day

Giusti Day

Giusti's history witness of the work of the Giusti family, the oldest producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Playing with the number “1605”, we decided to celebrate every year with our best clients the day May 16th as our “birthday”, as in Italian it can be written 16/05.A tour of the world among homes and kitchens of our clients, in a day dedicated to Giusti Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Giusti Day


During the latest edition of #acetaieaperte, we shared the history of the family Giusti with a unique performance through the rooms of our Museum and of the Ancient Ageing Rooms. On the day dedicated to Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the Giusti Museum showed the long and fascinating history of our Acetaia. From the tradition of donating Balsamic Vinegar to sons as a dowry, to the numerous journeys in Europe on the occasion of the Great Expositions, up to the first recipe to obtain a perfect Balsamic Vinegar.

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MODENA-CORTONA, a new cocktail signed by Giusti and Sabatini

MODENA-CORTONA, a new mixology project encompassing a collaboration between Giusti Vermouth, aged in ancient Giusti barrels of Balsamic Vinegar, and Sabatini Gin, the first London Dry Gin with a Tuscan spirit. Modena-Cortona is the new, ideal aperitif or “after dinner” cocktail, with an authentic Italian flavor. A range of flavors, including the famous aromas of Giusti products and those from the hills of Tuscany, can be appreciated in every sip.

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