The label, a piece of art

The Giusti bottle is not the sole precious heritage of the Giusti family.

A museum is located at the heart of Giusti. A home for the culture of the Giusti brand. And this is the objective of the Giusti family, that in this space the antique artifacts, such as barrels, tools for production and various memorabilia, is exhibited. All in the custody of the Giusti family, including a 20 kilogram lithographic stone which was used to print the original logo.
The collection includes some documents of great historical value and a reproduction of an antique document that attests the presence of an ancestor Francesco Giusti among the LardaruolietSalciciari traders of the renaissance Modena.
The original diplomas and gold medals that have been awarded to Giusti through the four centuries of commercial activity are on display. At the heart of the museum stands the barrel that Giuseppe Giusti transported from Modena to the Exposition Universelle in Paris in the late 1800’s , an event in which the Eiffel tower was inaugurated.

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