The history of a barrel

Throughout the successive centuries, generations of vinegar producers have cared for the barrels: scrupulously inspecting them, maintaining them, preserving the purity of the woods.

During the many years in which Balsamic Vinegar ages in barrels, the typical flavors and aromas are released and the magic of balsamic is born.

Then there is the aging process,during which the characteristics of the product earn the optimum refinement.

The three phases occur in a series of barrels of different type of woods, and of decreasing and variable volumes. Each wood bestows a particular characteristic to the vinegar.

Chestnut, rich in tannins, is a wood of great elasticity, ideal for the creation of barrels. Over the years this wood becomes increasingly dark, thus contributing to the typical strong brown color of Balsamic Vinegar.

The Mulberry is a particularly porous wood. In the past it was often used in the country to breed silkworms. Today it is highly regarded for the production of balsamic vinegar because it promotes rapid evaporation, thus increasing the concentration of the liquid.
Clear in color, almost yellow, freshly prepared, with the passing of time, the wood acquires a typical dark reddish color.

Juniper is a resinous and durable substance; a precious wood due to its ability to transfer aromas and essences of great power.
The barrels made from this wood are increasingly hard to find and represent objects particularly valuable for a Balsamic Vinegar barrel collection.

Cherry, of superb quality in the area of Modena, is widely used and is of a pinkish color.
Extremely refined, with an aftertaste reminiscent of fruit, especially cherry, is able to emphasize the more sweet aromas of balsamic vinegar.

Oak is perhaps the most commonly used wood for the production of barrels. Oak Is considered particularly valuable in the accommodation of the already mature vinegar, releasing to the liquid an improved roundness and a typical vanilla scent.

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