Mastery in balsamic vinegar production

The collection of barrels is organized, by tradition, in series of 5 or 7 barrels in decreasing volumes and dimensions, of various precious wood types in which the balsamic vinegar rests, absorbing along its travels the aromas and flavors these woods provide.

Each wood observes a precious and particular responsibility: the chestnut, rich in tannins, lends to the classic brown color, the cherry sweetens the flavor, the mulberry promotes oxygenation, the juniper offers the resinous essence and the oak donates the typical vanilla perfume.
Each year, according to the method of“decanting and refilling,”a remedy to the natural reduction due to evaporation is proposed, decantering the liquid from the smallest barrel in the series with vinegar from the proceeding barrel and so on, until the largest barrel which is itself refilled with cooked must.
A never-ending journey.
A continuous repetition of antique gestures, year after year.
A ritual that gives life, through the centuries, to an increasingly extraordinary Balsamic Vinegar.

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