Giusti Day 16|05

On 16 | 05, all over the world, we will celebrate the first Giusti Day in more than 80 restaurants in 21 countries in the world.

It was 1605 when the name of Francesco Maria Giusti was written on the first census of a Merchand Guild in Modena, from the new Duke Cesare D’Este.

This is the first witness of the activity of the Giusti family, the oldest producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

The history of a barrel.

The barrel. The most precious of elements.
A great Balsamic Vinegar can not exist without a great collection of barrels.
There are barrels of various dimensions and made from various wood types.
This is the greatest patrimony of a family of Balsamic Vinegar producers. The older a barrel,
the more extraordinary properties it leaves to the vinegar.

The label, a piece of art.

At the beginning of the 1800s, with glass production a characteristic of other regions, the Giusti family decided to reuse the Lambrusco wine bottles.
An historical legacy which over time became a tradition.
A sign of uniqueness, indelible,
Sealed with the unmistakable Liberty style.
An extraordinary combination that identifies the Giusti brand all over the world.

Mastery in balsamic vinegar production.

A secret passed down from father to son, the art of balsamic vinegar creation is one of the most extraordinary Modenese traditions. An ancient wisdom, gestures and tradition transferred by verbal instructions, of which the Giusti family is a custodian of exception.
And it was that Giuseppe Giusti, for the occasion of the Modena Agriculture Expositionin 1863, stated in writing the golden rules for a “perfect Balsamic Vinegar: the choice of the grapes, quality of the barrel and time.”
A testimony of historical significance, one of the original existing documents which articulating the secrets of Balsamic Vinegar.

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